Cummins Diesel Repair

Making your car roadworthy again on time and under budget

When it comes to taking on the road with power, speed, and precision in a pickup truck, there’s nothing quite like a diesel engine to get the job done. And when it comes to choosing the right heavy-duty engine for your truck, there’s nothing like a Cummins to get you to your next destination. Since 1989, Cummins has provided Dodge trucks of all shapes and sizes with the necessary power to take on any task out on the open road. Whether it’s pulling a trailer to your next campsite or hauling heavy-duty equipment for an upcoming job, these hardy engines are designed to get you there and back without breaking a sweat. However, every engine needs maintenance and repairs to continue working hard, and Cummins engines are no exception. At Elite Automotive we are here to provide full Cummins diesel repair service to residents of Las Vegas and beyond.


The Best Diesel Professionals in Las Vegas

Servicing diesel engines requires a range of specialized equipment, experience, and know-how, which is why not every auto shop offers services for vehicles sporting these powerhouses. However, at Elite Automotive, we don’t just service diesel trucks, but we specialize in them. Our state-of-the-art garage is outfitted with everything required to provide full Cummins repair for trucks of all shapes and sizes, and our mechanics are all certified by the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), meaning they’re trained and ready to handle any difficulty your engine might throw at them. Because we’re ready and able to take on any diesel engine challenge, we’re proudly known for our quality results, punctual repair times, and affordable prices.


Common Cummins Engine Troubles

While Cummins engines are believed by many to be the toughest and most reliable diesel options on the market today, they’re not without their shortcomings. In the many iterations this diesel powerhouse has had over the past few decades, some models have exhibited specific problems that could bring even the biggest, most powerful truck to a dead stop. For example, it’s not uncommon for steel dowel pins to loosen and fall into timing gearcases in 5.9-liter and 12-valve Cummins engines. Furthermore, 5.9-liter and 24 valve Cummins engines made between 1999 to 2002 are known to have problems with engine blocks cracking. Misfiring is another common problem among many makes and models throughout this legendary line. 

Regardless of your troubles facing your particular engine, though, you can rest easy knowing a real team of experienced professionals has your back when something does go wrong. Simply search for “Cummins diesel mechanic near me” and head straight to Elite Automotive for high-quality repairs that’ll have your engine running like new.

Getting You Back on the Road Faster

At Elite Automotive, we’re dedicated to getting each of our customers back on the road as soon as possible. That’s a sentiment we hold doubly true for those with Cummins engines, particularly those that rely on these engines for semi-trucks and other delivery vehicles. Whether you’re making a trip from Vegas to Atlanta or you’re just making a few stops on the way across town, your route is vital to our country’s economy, and we’re here to ensure you’re never stuck for days or weeks on end without being able to keep up with your busy schedule. We’ll get you the repairs you need quickly and with the high-quality results you’d expect from the best Cummins diesel repair team in the Las Vegas area.

Our Process For Diesel Engines

When you begin experiencing engine trouble, our first task is to find out what exactly went wrong so we can solve the issue quickly and correctly. When you bring your truck to our shop, we’ll begin a thorough diagnostic test that takes every aspect of your Cummins engine into account. We take a comprehensive and in-depth look at diesel engines to pinpoint the exact place where things have gone wrong. Once we’ve uncovered where your diesel difficulties lie, we can offer you a quote on how much and how long it will take to complete your repairs, then begin the job right away. Our process is smooth, and we aim to keep communication open and simple to ensure the job gets done fast but without miscommunication by any involved parties.

Have Your Diesel Engine Serviced at Elite Automotive

If you suspect engine problems or you’re just in need of some regular maintenance, contact Elite Automotive today to get the results you want and need. We’re here to service any diesel engine, regardless of how big the truck surrounding it happens to be. Whether you’re bringing in a single personal pickup or you’re looking to regularly service an entire fleet of cross-country delivery trucks, our team of highly experienced and certified mechanics is here to have your back every step of the way.

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