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You likely depend on your RV to get you places where you can enjoy all that the open road has to offer. RV problems can frustrate your travel plans. When that’s what you’re dealing with, bring your RV to Elite Automotive for quality RV service you can rely on. We happily serve the entire Las Vegas area.
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What Can We Do for You?

Your RV is a complex vehicle with a range of different unique components and parts, and we have the experience and knowledge to handle all the problems it can have. For example, whether your RV has a mechanical or electrical problem, you can rely on us to diagnose what is going on and fix the issue.

You can also depend on us to:


  • Fix problems with a gas or diesel RV engine
  • Maintain the RV chassis
  • Repair the AC
  • Look over and repair the brakes, suspension, running gear, or pneumatic systems

And aside from RV repair, you can get quality RV maintenance as well. RV maintenance often requires monthly, seasonal, and yearly checks for the complicated systems that keep. We can ensure your RV is up to optimal condition whenever you need us.

Taking Care of Your RV Appliances

Whether your RV is your year-round home or it’s your key to the ultimate annual road trip, you rely on appliances such as showers, cooktops, and fridges to keep your RV experience comfortable, easy, and safe. However, just like their full-sized counterparts, RV appliances are prone to malfunctioning over time. 

At Elite Automotive, our motorhome mechanic expertise goes beyond exterior repairs to your RV to include support for your most important appliances. We’ll investigate reported malfunctions and repair them as needed to get you on your way quickly and with the comfort you expect from your recreational vehicle. 

We offer support for all basic RV appliances that involve plumbing or electrical work, as well as generators that are used to supply power to your system. Regardless of how big or small your appliance issue is, the team of experts at our repair shop is here to ensure the crucial piece of your travel experience is back in working order at no time at all.


Preventative RV Care

We may pride ourselves on being there for you with fast, quality work in the midst of an RV crisis, but Elite Automotive also offers Las Vegas, NV, RV owners such as yourselves a number of preventative care measures that help your vehicle avoid major and expensive pitfalls, to begin with. 

We start by providing crucial oil changes, filter changes, and other routine services for RVs of all shapes and sizes. While these maintenance tasks are common and fairly straightforward, performing them on a large RV on your own can be quite a challenge, particularly for those who lack the tools and know-how to get the job done. We’re here to ensure every oil change goes smoothly, that your engine is leak-free, and that your filters are in pristine condition before you head out on your next adventure. 

Aside from standard maintenance efforts such as oil changes, filter changes, and general tune-ups, we also offer winterization services. If your camping season is over by early fall, it’s crucial to winterize your RV in order to prevent damage from occurring while it’s stored over winter. It’s crucial to perform this process correctly in order to avoid costly repair bills when the spring thaw rolls around again. Winterizing your vehicle involves:


  • Removing inline water filters
  • Draining and flushing water from storage tanks, holding tanks, and water heaters
  • Opening faucets
  • Removing water from drain lines
  • Providing antifreeze to key systems and drains throughout the RV

Depending on how large and complex your recreational vehicle is, the winterizing process can be complex. Don’t run the risk of missing a step or performing this crucial maintenance procedure incorrectly. Trust the professionals at Elite automotive to handle this task for you, and rest assured that your RV will come out of storage as good as new the next time you’re ready to take off to your favorite campsite.

Why Choose Elite Automotive?

When you need RV service, you deserve the best. At Elite Automotive, we’re exactly that. We back that claim up with our ASE-certified technicians, quick and accurate service, and ability to work on any RV problems on all RV makes and models.

When you want full-service mobile RV repair, come to Elite Automotive. You can also call us at 702-935-6295 or get in touch online. Whether you take your RV out for a weekend getaway or an epic summer vacation, we are here to take of you. Let us know about any questions or concerns you have so you can have peace of mind when you travel.

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