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No matter how simple or complex your car’s issues are, our expert auto mechanics will take the time to explain in plain language how they will fix your problem. From off road jeeps to city cars and everything in between, we know how to handle all vehicles. For Elite Automotive services near you, contact us today!

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For over a decade, the professionals at Elite Automotive have been providing a one-stop auto repair experience like no other to the residents of Las Vegas, NV, and the city’s surrounding communities. We’re proud to offer the best work from certified mechanics on all shapes, sizes, makes, and models of cars, trucks, and even RVs, no matter the age or state of the vehicle in question.

Whether it’s a simple issue with your car’s air conditioning system, your RV needs some electrical work to keep its most important appliances running, or your truck requires a brand-new transmission; we’re here to get the job done right and as quickly as possible to get you back on the road again in no time. If you’re in the market for repairs, maintenance, and a team of repair professionals, then our auto shop Las Vegas is sure to be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Our Auto Repair Services

Elite Automotive is a one-stop auto repair shop, which means we offer practically any service you could possibly need to get your vehicle back in optimal condition. From AC maintenance to complete transmission overhauls, our professional mechanics have you covered with in-depth industry knowledge and nothing but the best tools. Our services include:

● Car air conditioning repair and maintenance

● Car cooling system maintenance and repair

● Starter and alternator repair

● Brake repair services

● Auto transmission repair

● Auto transmission replacement

● Steering and suspension repair

From your brakes to the much-needed comfort of your air conditioner during the sweltering Las Vegas summers, we’re here to ensure every inch of your ride is performing optimally every time you head out on the open road


Auto Air Conditioning Care

During the summers, temperatures in and around the colorful city of Las Vegas, NV, can soar well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. There’s never a good time for your vehicle’s air conditioner to break down, but driving in the summer heat is simply unbearable without a working AC in your car or truck. Fortunately, our professionals are well-versed in handling all types of air conditioner problems, so you never have to worry about the inconvenience of a broken AC for long. Furthermore, we offer annual tune-ups for air conditioners in every car, drastically cutting the likelihood you’ll experience a complete AC failure on even the hottest day. 



Cooling System Repair

While your AC system keeps the cab of your vehicle cool, its cooling system strives to keep engine function steady, stable, and safe. The failure of vehicle cooling systems is also the leading cause of engine breakdown. The buildup of heat under the hood could cause serious issues that drastically affect the integrity of some of your ride’s most crucial parts. Some symptoms of an overheating motor due to a failing cooling system include:

● Steam coming from beneath the hood

● Dark fluid leaks

● A “hot” reading on your dashboard temperature gauge

● Cracking on engine belts and hoses

● Burning smell from the running engine

Left unchecked too long, a malfunctioning cooling system can cause serious damage to your car’s engine that may require extensive and expensive repairs. Therefore, if you’ve noticed any of these issues with your car recently, bring it to our professionals at Elite Automotives for a quick diagnosis and thorough repair job


Starter & Alternator Repair Near Me

Having troubles getting your ride to start? Elite Automotive can repair that, too. If your vehicle refuses to start, it’s likely an error within your car’s electrical system, specifically the alternator or the starter itself.

Our mechanics have access to the best of the best technology and industry knowledge, allowing us to diagnose any car in a flash, no matter how old or new the vehicle might be. We also offer a range of inspections and preventative maintenance options to ensure your electrical system is working properly year-round, so you never need to worry about your car failing you when you need it the most.


Brake Repair Services

Elite Automotive is here to get your car moving again, but also to ensure it’s able to stop on a dime when you need it to. We take a close look at how your brake pads and rotors are working together to provide your vehicle with stopping power, and make adjustments as needed to preserve the safety of your driving experience. By having your brakes properly inspected, repaired, and replaced as needed, you’re investing in better stopping power and an overall safer driving experience for everyone on the road. Get honest brake repair services near Las Vegas, NV.


Auto Transmission Repair & Replacement

Replacing a vehicle’s transmission is likely one of the most expensive repairs you'll encounter as a driver. We always recommend regularly servicing your auto transmission to keep major breakdowns from occurring in the first place, but if you do need a replacement, we’re here to ensure that the job gets done right. If you’re going to invest a large sum of money in your car or truck’s repairs, you should always have peace of mind knowing that at least the job is being done the right way. Our ASE-certified mechanics are here to offer that peace of mind along with superior results that aim to get your ride back on the road and keep it there for years to come.


Steering & Suspension System Repair

Being able to steer your ride easily and reliably between destinations is a must for safe travel. However, maintaining an easy steering experience isn’t always possible when your suspension or steering system begins to give out. Furthermore, ongoing suspension and steering problems can cause issues with other crucial parts in your vehicle over time. If you’ve been experiencing excess bouncing on rough terrain, drifting to one side while driving, or loud screeching or groaning sounds when traveling at low speeds, bring your car to Elite Automotive for a much-needed inspection and repair job.


Commercial Vehicle Repair

For semi-trucks and heavy equipment, we offer commercial vehicle repair in Las Vegas, NV to fix the damage that may come with those larger vehicles. We want your semi-trucks and heavy equipment running at peak performance, and our shop is just the place to make sure your semi-truck or equipment is at the top of its game.

Why Choose Elite Automotive?

There are dozens of garages throughout the Las Vegas area, so why choose Elite Automotive for your car care needs? Simply put, we offer a wider variety of complete case services and a team that knows exactly how to handle a vehicle’s most challenging problems. We have:

● Over a decade of experience

● In-depth diagnostics and inspection with top-of-the-line tools

● ASE certified mechanics specializing in every type of repair job

● One-stop auto repair services

● Regular safety inspections

● Maintenance opportunities

● Service for diesel and auto fleets

● Friendly, fast service you can rely on

Simply put, we’re the number one option for auto repair shops Las Vegas area because we have the skills, tools, and know-how to handle any automotive repair problem you might be facing in our one-stop garage. We always do the job right without cutting corners and ensure you leave with a car that’s safe and functional with each visit.

Get Your Repairs and Inspections Done Right

When it comes to caring for your car, truck or SUV, you never have to settle for anything but the best in customer care, experience, and skill. Contact Elite Automotive today to learn more about our auto repair services or search “automotive service near me” and drive straight into our garage for an auto repair experience like no other.

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